Blugold Radio Programming for September 28 Broadcast

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis., September 23- Blugold Radio airs this Sunday with a feature on a new portrait series in the Art & Design department at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Producer Kayla Menzie’s “Around the Arts” segment this week focuses on the new portrait series that will be displayed throughout the Art & Design Department on the UW-Eau Claire campus.  “They May Have Been Heroes” will display artistic representations of homeless veterans in the USA.

Reporter Kiri Salinas will talk about the new male addition to UW-Eau Claire’s residence hall Oak Ridge.  Oak Ridge Hall was built in 1969 and was up until the Fall of 2014, a female only residence.  She will talking about this very new change to the housing arrangements.

News Director Glen Olson will be talking about the possible housing changes and rezoning around campus.  He will be discussing the possibility of a new dorm on Roosevelt Avenue.  This area has been previously zoned residential.

Reporter Sam Martinez will be speaking about the new voting software through the Student Senate which allows voters to register online.  Students can access the site at or through the Student Senate’s website under “voter registration.”  He will be talking about this change in voting and the rules regarding a voting I.D.

Producer Courtney Kueppers will be talking to representatives from The College Feminists.  The College Feminists supports gender equality for students, members of the UWEC campus community, and the greater Eau Claire community.

Producer Zhen Wei Yap will be focusing on the Czech Republic for his International segment “The Zhen Plane.”  While reporter Elizabeth Gosling will play music from the country.

Reporter Matt Rothschild will review the 2011 role-playing adventure video game ‘To the Moon’ developed and published by Freebird Games.

Reporter Jake Meurett will conclude the final part of his Radio Drama.  He will as well do a feature on local author Priscillamae Olson.  Olson was signed to Tate Publishing with her soon-to-be-published book The End of the Road.

Reporter Samantha Wensel will be reviewing the movie “Oldboy” for her segment “Sammi Says.”  She will be reviewing the 2003 South Korean version of the film.  “Oldboy” is a mystery thriller film directed by Park Chan-wook.  The film, and it’s 2013 American remake are available for streaming on Netflix.

And finally, reporter Jake Paulis will be playing heavy metal music throughout the show.  Metal is a genre of rock music that developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s, largely in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Listen for Event Picks of the Week, as well as the latest in local and national sports.

WUEC is a professional, yet fun student run program.  Blugold Radio is broadcast from Hibbard Humanities Hall on the UW-Eau Claire campus Sunday nights from 5 to 8 pm on 89.7 FM. For more information on Blugold Radio, please visit and




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