Blugold Radio Programming for November 30 Broadcast

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis., November 29–– Blugold Radio airs this Sunday with a Thanksgiving special.

Producer Kayla Menzie and reporter Jake Paulis will be conducting a special preview of the UW- Eau Claire Holiday concert. The preview will feature music from various university choirs and bands. The Holiday concert is December 7 at 2:00 p.m. and again at 5:00 pm. Tickets for the concert are on sale at the University Service Center in Davies.

Reporter Kiri Salinas will be speaking with the newly named Rhode’s Scholar, Tayo Sanders II, and his faculty mentor, Dr. Jennifer Dahl. The Rhode’s Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students based on their scholarship, character and potential. The scholarship assists students in continuing their higher education at Oxford University in England.

Producer Courtney Kueppers will be speaking with members of Delta Zeta as a continuation of her three week long segment on sororities at the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire. Delta Zeta is a social and philanthropic national American women’s sorority.

Reporter Sam Martinez will be speaking with Max Garland, poet laureate and faculty at UW-Eau Claire. Martinez will talk with Garland about his views on the state of arts in Wisconsin and its importance.

Jake Meurett will premiere a new drama series.

Producer Zhen Wei Yap and reporter Elizabeth Gosling will report on Thanksgiving traditions around the world. They will also discuss special foods and dishes.

Listen for Event Picks of the Week, as well as the latest in local and national sports.

WUEC is a professional, yet fun student run program. Blugold Radio is broadcast from Hibbard Humanities Hall on the UW-Eau Claire campus Sunday nights from 5 to 8 pm on 89.7 FM. For more information on Blugold Radio, please visit and



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