Eau Claire Eats: 2-22-15

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Producer Sammi Wensel hosts the second hour of WUEC 89.7 Blugold radio and with it she features her weekly hit Eau Claire Eats. Each week in the segment Wensel talks to someone different about his or hers favorite restaurant in the Eau Claire area. This past week Wensel talked to recent Chippewa Valley Technical College graduate Katherine Lane about her favorite restaurant in Eau Claire, the Noodle Teahouse located off of South Hastings Way in the East Ridge Center.

“Its located in the small area, it’s a strip mall, you’ll see Perkins and its on the other side,” Lane said.

The Noodle Teahouse is a Vietnamese restaurant with as Lane described, friendly staff that knows their stuff. She discovered the restaurant, which is near her home, after her and her boyfriend were looking for somewhere new to eat one day. Since then her favorite meal has been the chicken vermicelli.

“It’s like a thick noddle in a soup mixture…with chicken and vegetables,” Lane said.

The first time Lane went to the restaurant she had fried rice, but eventually moved on to different meals. Though she said there is no basic starting meal, it’s really a place for people who like to try something new.

“Personally I like to eat at new places, and not having your regular old burger and fires. So its defienetly good in that way,” Lane said.

Majority of the prices at the Noodle Teahouse are reasonable and far. While some items are a bit more, pricing over $10, customers do receive a large amount of food and Lane said she often has leftovers, which last for days.

The outside of the restaurant has a good curb appeal that comes off well. Inside the restaurant is clean and neat. It is also described to hold a very authentic feel.

“It’s got that authentic feel to it, and I think that’s what drags me in there,” Lane said.

Lane told Wensel that she absolutely loves Asian inspired food; it is one of her favorite kind of food. When it came to comparing Noodle Teahouse to other Eau Claire area Asian inspired food, Lane said she recommends the teahouse. On a scale of one to 10 Lane rated the restaurant a solid 20.

“I think if I had to choose out of any of the places in Eau Claire, this would be a top notch place to go to,” Lane said.

The Noodle Teahouse is a small, local restaurant in Eau Claire, unlike major chain restaurants such as Applebee’s or TGIFridays. Lane said she thinks sometime the smaller restaurants are overlooked. They are fun places that are a different place to go and usually are great, in her opinion.

Lane suggested to all WUEC 89.7 Blugold Radio listeners, and host Wenzel to go check out the great, authentic Asian inspired restaurant.


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