Eau Claire Eats: 3-1-15

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Located off Clairemont Avenue in Eau Claire is a local hotspot for a good meal, Randy’s Family Diner. Known to their loyal customers for yummy food and family like atmosphere, its no wonder why WUEC 89.7 producer Sammi Wensel talked to customer of the local food joint, Ben Malokeski on her segment Eau Claire Eats this past Sunday.

Malokeski learned about the family restaurant one night when his mom’s boyfriend said they were going to eat out at Randy’s Family Restaurant. Malokeski, never hearing about the restaurant before, instinctually asked what the restaurant served, a few items stuck out to him, but he chose to keep it classic and order a cheeseburger for his first Randy’s experience. Since then Malokeski has two all time favorites as the restaurant the chicken sandwich and classic cheeseburgers, his now go to meals at the establishment.

“They have a nice homey feel to it, its very calm environment to be in” Malokeski said   about the inside environment of the restaurant.

Online Reviews on Google from customers rate Randy’s as an average of a four-point-five out of five stars rating from 28 reviewers. Customers commented on everything from the unbelievable vanilla pudding to the huge pancakes. Malokeski agrees that while it is a simple place, it is also delicious.

The pricing at the restaurant is reasonable and customers get their moneys worth when it comes to the french fries. Both Wensel and Malokeski both agreed during the interview that the fries, which customers receive large portions of, are very good.

“For some reason Family restaurant fries are like the best I don’t know why but I just have a thing for them,” Wensel said.

One thing that Malokeski told Wensel that he likes about the restaurant is that it is not a fast food place, but a sit down restaurant. It is, in his words, a local family place with a genuine meal.

Local wise the establishment is in a prime area, as Clairemont Avenue is a busy street close to both the university and multiple establishments. Every time Malokeski drives by the restaurant it is packed, except on Sundays when they are closed.

“I think if it was a little bit closer to Clairemont I think they would get a little more business though every time I drive by there they are packed so they are obviously placed well,” Malokeski said.

While Malokeski usually gets his usual, the cheeseburger or chicken sandwich, his mom enjoys the chicken dumpling soup, described as having the right amount of dumplings in.

With a helpful staff and great quality food Malokeski recommends the restaurant all around. It’s a good home-style meal in a friendly, home-like environment. While he can’t compare it to other local restaurants in Eau Claire, he definitely recommends the restaurant.

“Its right across from McDonalds and if you have to choose between the two if you have the time go with Randy’s. You’ll get a little more genuine food it’ll be a little better for you,” Malokeski said


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