What to look forward to this week on Blugold Radio: November 8, 5-8 PM on 89.7 WUEC FM

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis., Nov. 8, 2015––  1965 might seem like a long time ago, but the everyday foot soldiers who marched from Selma to Montgomery 50 years ago have not yet forgotten that time. Sunday night on Blugold Radio(5-8 p.m. on 89.7 WUEC-FM.), Breane Lyga will feature their speeches previously made at R.B. Hudson High School in which they asked students in a call to action to carry on fighting for social justice.  

Blugold Radio will also present an in-depth look at UW-Eau Claire’s student senate, featuring an interview with Student Body President, Jake Wrasse. Eddiberto Sanchez will interview Wrasse in-studio this week.

Also happening this Sunday on Blugold Radio:

  • Sammi Wensel will present an interview with Janel Balsavich and Marc Cain, members of the Backwards Thinkers Society of UW-Eau Claire. Topics discussed will vary from what they believe sets them apart from other theatrics groups to what brings them together.
  • International Politics segment host Melody Lewis will present an in-depth look at same-sex marriage laws in Australia.
  • Max Harding and Dwight Mills of Homescreen on air will speak on what factors make or break  games in the world of video games.
  • News Director Symone Foster will feature a story on the plans for a new event center on Menomonie Street, Eau Claire.
  • Musician Eduardo Rafael will debut his new song “Somewhere in Town,” on air this week.
  • International segment host Elizabeth Gosling will feature an interview with UW-Eau Claire student Chris Gomes about Malawi.

Blugold Radio regularly includes newscasts hosted by News Director Symone Foster at the top of each hour that earlier this year was named “Best Newscast” in the studio division of the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association annual awards as well as segments on Eau Claire arts, sports and events.


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