News Positions:

-Reporters and anchors: write stories that relate to the WUEC audience

                              produce and record news stories

      anchor weekly newscasts

      participate in news assignment meetings

Producer Positions:

Blugold Radio: help create a weekly one-hour radio show featuring UW-Eau Claire students and faculty performing music/readings/forensics/etc.

  interview participants in UW-Eau Claire organizations and activities for broadcast

-Local Independence: help create weekly show that features music by artists from Wisconsin and Minnesota, as well as local and regional artists

 conduct regular interviews with musicians and artists

Public Relations Assistant:

-PR Assistants: promote WUEC programming by writing and distributing feature news releases

 help create promotional plan, including advertising and publicity

 help plan and participate in events throughout the community that call positive attention to the station

 help manage WUEC’s presence on the electronic bulletin board and display materials

  help manage social media publicity for WUEC shows

  make direct media contacts

              help design and manage the WUEC webpage

  upload archived shows and news stories

  participate in weekly PR meetings


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